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Timeshare members have contracts that, for a limited time, are able stay and use the facilities at Caribbean Suites. Timeshare members have the option of becoming owners if they wish. Two products have been designed Lodging- offering the use of the facilities when staying at the Hotel-Resort during Medium and Low Seasons.

Lodging and the use of the facilities at any time during Medium and Low seasons.

Contact our Sales Department and make your Up-Grade, Today!!!


The Timeshare industry world wide has generated for the past 25 years, an average annual income of approximately US $6 billion and for the next decade it is anticipated that it will experience double the growth within the sectors of travel and tourism.

There are already 4 million families worldwide that are own timeshared property, of which only one million reside in Europe. Very few owners are aware of how Timesharing has contributed to the economies of the world, providing jobs, tourism and enjoyment, all year round.

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