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Our main objective is to plan your vacations for the rest of your life, at the same price as when you signed your contract, and of course in an organized and systematic way so that we may satisfy the needs and tastes of the entire family. These will become the vacations in your own PROPERTY!!!

It is very important for all Timeshare owners to be aware that your lodging depends on the amount of points you purchased and the season (high, medium and low) you choose to come visit. You may enjoy the resort throughout the entire year and in the room you choose, as long as there is availability. These points are yours for a lifetime, and they are transferable and inheritable. You acquire a luxurious Suite with world-class facilities for the perfect vacation at a five star Hotel-Resort - all hotel services included.

Different products have been designed to satisfy different tastes and lodging depends on the amount of points you purchased and availability. The product that includes only Lodging- offers the opportunity to use the facilities when you are staying at our Hotel-Resort. The product that includes Lodging and the use of the facilities- offers the opportunity to visit the Complex any time.

Finally, we offer a product that has it all: Lodging, use of facilities and a place for your boat at the Open Sea Marina. When you purchase a place at the Marina, automatically you are purchasing the use of facilities and Lodging. The only access to the marina is via the main entrance of the Complex.

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