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Win extra points by referring families and friends. Your referrals must be families and friends with whom you will feel comfortable sharing your investment in Caribbean Suites. For every family you refer you will earn 10 points. The minimum number of referrals you provide must be 5 families or more. Please make available such information as name, phone numbers, address, and email. Management will then verify the information and proceed to invite each one of the families you refer. The 10 points will be added to your account immediately after the information verification process is completed.

IF YOUR REFFERAL BECOMES AN OWNER (Not valid for Timeshare Members):

You earn 2500 points if:
Your referral pays at least 30% of the amount owed.

You will not have to pay condominium for these extra points.

All of the points you win by this program must be used the same year you receive them.
These points may not be accumulated, except in the case of exchange programs.

All the points you win will show up on your statement in the same month the 30% payment has being made.

Contact the Marketing Department at:
0241-824-9319 / 824-9863 / 824-9168

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