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All the units at Caribbean Suites, Marina & Beach Club, have been designed with the criteria of comfort, class and modern style, comparable to luxurious tourist developments in Venezuela and the world.

There are 78 Town Houses in 3 different models, they measure 1,540 sq. Ft., 1,680 sq. Ft. and 1,760 sq. Ft., and each one has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, livingroom and dinningroom, service room and bathroom, kitchen, central air conditioning and its own parking garage. These Town Houses are surrounded by beautiful gardens and manmade water canals.

There are 10 buildings of 60 apartments each with a view over the Caribbean Sea. There are seven models and they measure between 610 and 1,050 sq. Ft. These apartments have 1 or 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, livingroom and dinningroom, kitchen, central air conditioning and a terrace.
In addition, three parking lots of two levels each for a total of 2000 vehicles with private security 24 hours a day are available. In order to move anywhere within the Complex you may use "the Caribbean Train".

Caribbean Suites, Marina & Beach Club (Tucacas, Edo. Falcón) 0259 - 8124906 / 8121537 / 8123427 / 8123163 Fax: 0259 - 8123040
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