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In the building denominated HOTEL-RESORT, the majority of the rooms, Lobby and Lobby Bar are completely finished, decorated and equipped. On the Terrace Level we are developing an area destined for the operation of a restaurant with a view pan of 360 degrees. The air-conditioning has been installed, The ceiling work is almost finished, the bathrooms are finished in an 80%, the closing of the area in glass is completely finished, colored cement in a scale designed was chosen for the floor, the bar top has been installed, the civil work of the kitchen is 100% finished, lacking only the equipment. We are working on the bases for the Jacuzzi and the Suntanning deck, and we are waiting for the hydraulic equipment for the Jacuzzi. On the terrace located towards the north, we are working on the last touches of the floor. We began the installation of the deflectors (railings) of all the terrace in general. On the Top Level, a Private Lounge in an area of approximately 600 mts2 with the same spectacular view. On this area we are finishing installing the structure that will bear the ceiling.

The main platform of THE ISLAND is finished in a 90%, lacking alone the edges and final touches. The secondary wavebraker is finished in an 80%. The main wavebraker, final work of the project, is advancing quickly. A large quantity of the material that will be used for the construction of this wavebraker, is already stored on the island.

The structure of the CLUB HOUSE is 80% finished. The plumbers' work and the construction of the Day Care Center and administrative offices are in development. The walkways: are 90% done using stamped concrete, sea green color, stone slabs type tracks, rustic finish. The railings have been initiated and a design was chosen in wood. The frieze and the first hand of paint have being finished on the walkways and Conference rooms. The window frames in the Conference Room on the first floor are 100% finished in wood, natural color and clear crystal. The main stairs of the building are being finished. The civil work of the area of Food and Beverages of the House Club is 100% finished only lacking the kitchen equipment. We have begun decorating the Bar located on the Main Level, Modulo A of the Club House. The conference room on the first floor may be divided into 4 independent rooms, this way one may be able to carry out 4 different events at the same time.

On the outskirts of the Brackish Water Lagoon we have being building some small churuatas. Inside the Brackish Water Lagoon, two artificial islands were built connected among themselves by various bridges. In view of the success of these constructions, the possibility of two more islands and a water slide have been studied. Landscaping and sports courts are in construction around this area.

Food & Beverage Department- we find ourselves developing this area and we have achieved excellent changes: the kitchen that serves the area of the Main Churuata has been remodeled, a Pizza oven was installed, a new dinning area has been set up behind the Rock next to the manmade water canals. The main kitchen of the Club House is 100% finished, except for the equipment.

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