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If you own a boat, enjoy it next to your property at the beach, because Caribbean Suites, Marina & Beach Club offers an exceptional Open Sea Marina, the only one of its kind in Venezuela and in the style of the most imposing ones of the world. The most qualified local and foreign experts evaluated the ecological and other natural conditions of the coast in order to develop a marina with optimal shape, location and other characteristics.

1. NOUEL INGENIEROS CONSULTORES, C.A. (Venezuela): "Proyecto Isla"

2. INCOSTAS, S.C. (Venezuela): "Mediciones Marina"

3. DELFT HYDRAULICS (Holanda): "Estudio de Morfodinàmica e Hidrodinámica"

4. GENESIS CERC (U.S.A): "Modelos Matematicos"

5. HIDROAMBIENTE, CONSULTORIA E INGENIERIA AMBIENTAL, C.A. (Venezuela): "Estudio de Impacto Ambiental"

Careful investigations and detailed studies have been done, the best materials and methods of construction have been selected to carry out this incredible project. Very soon this Open Sea Marina will be ready for all the property owners.

The facility is built on an artificial island with more than 200,000 cubic yards of filling of selected material of the highest quality, and over a surface measuring more than 30,000 mts2. This island is connected to mainland by a bridge of more than 2,460 ft. long and 20 ft. wide, designed carefully not to interrupt the passage of small boats, the surge and sea currents. A 780 ft. long wavebraker and level of coronation higher than 13ft. will protect the Marina. Its location was meticulously studied in order to preserve the marine ecosystem of the zone.

This Open Sea Marina will offer all the necessary care and maintenance for your boat: harbor authorities, communications room, oil and gas pumps, fuel tanks, mechanical rooms, highly trained personnel, and an administrative building integrated by a Snack Bar & Deli where you will be able to purchase drinks and snacks for your day at the beach.

The Open Sea Marina will include "pigeon holes" for approximately 1000 boats and 52 docking places for yachts. In addition, the facility contains a water tank for the cleaning and maintenance of your boat, fire prevention systems and a pump that will displace waters to mainland for treatment.

The facility also contains a dock where boats will be launched and beached by forklifts or by using an incline with suitable tractors. The rest of the docks will allow for temporary dockage and the comfortable arrival of boats in the hours of greatest affluence.

When arriving at your property you will be able to arrange for your boat to be ready to go visit Morrocoy´s National Park or any of the other islands in the Caribbean Sea.

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